Top Players Will Launch Advance Technology, Market Strategies For Growth

The Optical Imaging Market is expected to reach USD 2.58 billion, in 2025, from USD 1.92 billion, in 2020, witnessing a CAGR of 11.6%, during the forecast period.

Major Players in the optical imaging market consist of Fujifilm, Agilent, Leica, Olympus, Carl Zeiss, Boston Scientific, Glana Sensors and Shimadzu.

    April 2020 Purdue University researchers created technology that uses optical imaging to better help surgeons map out tumors in the body and help them understand how certain diseases affect activity in the brain. They are using light to extract new information from tissue to inform doctors and assist them in designing and carrying out surgeries to remove tumors. It is a localization method where our technology helps the surgeon pinpoint precise information about the depth and location of tumors. Such information is not easily accessible with current technologies.

     Oct 2020 Stanford researchers and collaborators in Korea have developed a new architecture for OLED  organic light-emitting diode -displays that could enable televisions, smartphones and virtual or augmented reality devices with resolutions of up to 10,000 pixels per inch (PPI). (For comparison, the resolutions of new smartphones are around 400 to 500 PPI.).

    FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) has unveiled the latest development roadmap for interchangeable lenses for the X Series of compact and lightweight mirrorless digital cameras, which offer outstanding image quality based on the company’s proprietary color reproduction technology. The latest roadmap shows the addition of two new lenses, i.e. a large-diameter wide angle prime lens and a telephoto zoom lens. This is a new addition to a group of large-diameter prime lenses, popular for their exceptional descriptive performance with the ability to produce beautiful bokeh. Its highly versatile 18mm focal length (equivalent to 27mm in the 35mm format) and large maximum aperture of F1.4 make it a perfect choice for snapshots and landscape photography.

    April 2020 Agilent Spectroscopy: Igniting Innovation The 3500 UV-Vis, 8700 LDIR and Vaya instruments incorporate 'innovation with purpose' addressing customers’ lab challenges and pain points,  Better productivity and higher throughput, Less maintenance and downtime, Improved workflows and system efficiencies, Reduced complexity, Reduced time-consuming sample preparation

    Global Optical Imaging Market Segmentation splits into, by Products Imaging Systems, Cameras, Software, Illumination Systems, Lenses and Other Optical Imaging Product. By Application it includes Pathological Imaging and Intra-operative Imaging. Geographically it includes North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Middle East & Africa. The Asia-Pacific region is expected to be the fastest-growing market, with enormous possibilities. Market increases by the department of neurology, due to the lower cost of clinical trials and favoring government policies. Cancer is a worldwide health-care concern that is steadily growing. According to IARC, by 2030, an annual incidence and mortality of 21.8 and 14 million cancer cases, respectively, are expected.

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