The Solar Trash Compactor Market was valued at xx Million US$ in 2020 and is projected to reach xx Million US$ by 2025, at a CAGR of xx% during the forecast period

A  Solar Trash Comapctor is a smart device that is designed to compress waste by using solar photovoltaic systems. Additionally, it reads the fill level of a waste can in real time and activates automatic compaction of the waste, which can increase the trash bin capacity by up to 5–8 times. Besides this, the solar trash compactor runs on a battery, which can be charged by using a solar panel. The compaction mechanism of a battery lasts for about three to four weeks, depending on the usage pattern and compaction frequency.

Major leading in the market includes Ecube Labs, Bigbelly, Inc., Dacheng Machinery Make Co., Ltd., Waste Management Inc., Shanghai Jiajing Machinery Ltd., Bluestream and BAY AREA TRASH COMPACTOR.

The  Morinaga confectionery company, along with  Force Tech and the shotengai Promotion Association for Harajuku-Omotesando, Oct 2020 has come up with a solution, placing 34 brand new high-tech SmaGo bins around the Omotesando pedestrian area.  These smart rubbish bins generate power via solar panels and automatically compress their trash when they’re 80% full. That’s an important feature: it means the bins can hold six times more trash than a normal public bin.  The bins are internet connected and report their remaining storage space in real time, meaning their managers can tell which trash cans are being used most and move underused bins to busier areas. Collecting garbage from the bins will be cheaper and more efficient, resulting in fewer CO2 emissions. Plus, the lids open by foot pedal, which comes in handy with the   Covid-19 coronavirus around.  

    Bigbelly Oct 2020 is launching the latest evolution in smart waste technology: the Bigbelly Access Control System, affectionately known as "ACS."  Bigbelly ACS is a comprehensive, cloud-based Access Control System for the Bigbelly smart waste solution and your workforce, providing unprecedented visibility & fleet management capabilities. 

   Oct 2020- Article of Ecube People on average generates 0.74 kg of trash a day with this number possibly getting all the way up to 4.54 kg.  Because Halloween is the time of year when people will break out their extravagant spooky decorations and dress up and possibly create their costume from scratch, you can expect the few days surrounding Halloween to be heavier in waste generation. To intertwine some fun Halloween related facts with this spooky realization, 4.54 kg (~10 lbs) is about how heavy Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin can get and is about 3 times the amount of candy that gets consumed during Halloween by the average American 5ways for reducing Halloween waste.

    Global Solar Trash Compactors Market segmentation, by Application it has Industrial, Commercial and Residential. In terms of region, the global solar trash compactors market can be divided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America. Among these Europe is anticipated to hold a major share of the global solar trash compactors market during the forecast period, due to risen adoption of smart solutions to manage waste in the region. Government initiatives and significant investments in solutions to maintain cleanliness in Europe are expected to drive the solar trash compactors market in the region during the forecast period.


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