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Shrink Wrap Packaging Market Boosting The Production Rate By Effective Materials -2020

Shrink Wrap Packaging Market estimated to register a CAGR of over 5.4% during the forecast period 2020 to 2027.

    Shrink Wrap packaging Machine is the product with heat shrinkable film wrapping package after heating, shrink film after wrapping machine products, apply to items more tight packaging and pallet packaging, such as glass bottles, plastic foam, paper boxes, toys, electronics, electrical appliances, stationery, books and etc.

    Shrink wrap packaging acts as a protective barrier during transit and used to retain product qualities. It is a cost-effective method unitization of products and is intended to increase the shelf life of products. It is proven effective in maintaining product integrity and stability. It increases the versatility of the labeling and increasing applicability in various domains. It has a huge application in pharmaceuticals and food sectors which led to the robust growth of the market. 

Major Players in the market are ABB, Texwrap Packaging Systems, ARPAC LLC, Axon Duravant, Kliklok-Woodman, Eastey enterprises, Smipack and Massman Automation Designs.

       The KHS has innovated 2020 a new step to add bundler paper wrap in their portfolio. And it was tried-and-tested Innopack Kisters tray packers, the system’s supplier allows to wrap the cans of food and beverage in the paper.Feb 2020 Wexxar Bel and Texwrap are joining forces to bring a new, higher level of automation to tray-packaging applications in booth #5221 at WestPack 2020, Wexxar Bel is integrating the IPAK TF200 Fully Automatic Tray Former with two Texwrap machines: the 2219 Intermittent Motion L-Seal System and the 1322 Single Chamber Forced air Convecton Tunnel. Together, the integration is a complete tray forming and shrink-wrapping solution ideal for any industry. The display at WestPack will demonstrate its capabilities with a versatile 4-corner tray, showing the ease of transporting and stocking products to retail ready solution.

       Further Texwrap, a product brand of ProMach, introduces its next generation Tekkra 200-series side load bundler at Pack Expo, September 23-25, Las Vegas Convention Center. The bundler’s new modular design offers dairy companies, copackers, and other customers the opportunity to customize their machine for maximum productivity based on the layout of their plant and to receive the unit in 12 to 14 weeks rather than 18 to 20, a six-week reduction in manufacturing build time.  The new Tekkra 200-series bundler is rated at 15- to 20-multi-packs per minute of either supported or unsupported products – everything from ice cream cartons and tubs to sanitary wipes. Featuring tool less changeover, a recipe driven HMI, and a servo driven main ram, the Tekkra 200 enables fast changeover for maximum flexibility in bundling a range of SKUs.

        EDL launches new wrap machine Sept 2020 EDL’s new and improved EDL Double Tight Wrap DTW 25 shrink-wrapping machine applies two perpendicular bands of LDPE film to tightly unitize and totally enclose multipacks of packaged products. The new system employs servo controls to manage the sealing of up to 25 bundles per minute. The system is 12% faster than previous similar size models and requires up to 30% less floor space. Additionally, the DTW 25 system uses up to 40% less film than traditional total enclosure shrink packaging systems.

       Packaging manufacturer BioBag World Australia is expanding into new markets with its fully-compostable shrink-wrap originally used to wrap cucumbers. The company has doubled production in the past six months and is now set to boost production again with a second extruder and conversion machine arrived in Feb 2020. Packaging manufacturer BioBag World Australia is expanding into new markets with its fully-compostable shrink-wrap originally used to wrap cucumbers.

    Shrink Wrap Packaging Market Segmentation depends upon By Product Type, Hoods, Labels & Sleeves and Wraps. By Material it includes LLDPE, LDPE and PVC.By Application it has Food and Drink, Personal Care, Pharmaceutical Industrial, Industry and Home, Electronic and Other. By Region it includes North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific. North America market is a major shareholder in the global market due to high penetration among end-user segment. Europe is the second major stakeholder of the market due to high applicability in packing finished products. The Asia Pacific and Latin America regions created to potential opportunistic space for manufacturers due to increasing adoption.

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