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New Implementation Has started In Offshore Mooring

The global Offshore Mooring Market expected to reach a CAGR of over 7% during the forecast period.

Key Players of the market are Offshore Industries, KTL Offshore, Viking Sea Tech, Delmar Systems, Intermoor, Baltec Systems, MODEC, BW Offshore, and SBM Offshore.

    Maersk -Jun 2020 will begin implementation of an innovation called Snap Back Arrestor (SBA) ropes on the mooring lines used to hold vessels in place while docked in port for loading and unloading. Mooring is one of the most dangerous aspects of port and vessel operations. When a mooring rope holding a docked vessel snaps, the abrupt energy release can cause the rope to whip across the dock and ship at a speed of almost 500 MPH or more than twice the speed of a NASCAR level race car. Working closely with suppliers to solve this industry challenge – Maersk chose a Norwegian-based manufacturer called TIMM ROPES who offered new mooring rope technology which features a special core that elongates more than the surrounding rope, acting to absorb and dampen the tremendous energy released when mooring ropes break while under strain.

    InterMoor recently transported and installed a new electrical submersible pump (ESP) system as part of the MaMPU-1 floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) facility upgrade for a wellhead platform project, in Malaysia. The work for MISC Offshore Floating Terminals Dua Limited (MOFT2), a subsidiary of MISC Berhad, included project management, engineering and offshore operations for the heavy lift of the ESP power generation module onto the MaMPU-1 FPSO facility, which is located offshore Sarawak, Malaysia.

   Delmar Systems, Inc. successfully completed the first-ever acoustic release in Australia of an 8-line mooring system using Delmar’s proprietary fully-redundant RAR Plus technology. The disconnect took place on the ultra-deep-water semi-submersible Maersk Deliverer. The Maersk Deliverer is currently under contract for a three-year drilling campaign in Western Australia. Delmar’s Releasable Anchor Mooring System will allow the drilling contractor to continue drilling into cyclone season with the unique ability to move off location quickly and without the need of AHTS assistance. Delmar’s RAR Plus is the first-ever dual-release action (acoustic and mechanical) rig anchor release. The RAR Plus is unique in that it allows for immediate rig transit after release with the RAR Plus’ nested in their trigger sleeves against the rig fairlead. This eliminates the weather window requirement that is typical for AHTS operations during a traditional rig disconnect.

    Turritella’s disconnectable Buoy Turret Mooring (BTM) system - Offshore industries -The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season has been one of the most active to date and this is the first time that the Turritella FPSO has been disconnected to avoid a hurricane [1]. The FPSO was successfully disconnected prior to the arrival of hurricanes Laura and Delta and was safely reconnected after the danger was past. Four years after its installation in the Gulf of Mexico, company is proud that their BTM technology is helping our client Shell ensures safe operations for the crew of the Turritella FPSO. A key necessity for the FPSO is to be able to face the severe meteorological conditions of the Gulf of Mexico. Incorporating the world’s largest disconnectable buoy, the BTM enables the FPSO to weathervane in normal conditions and to disconnect from the buoy in order to safely sail away prior to perilous weather impacting. The reconnection capability allows the FPSO to resume production once the hurricane has passed the location.

    Offshore Mooring Market by Mooring Type it incudes (Catenary, Taut Leg, Single Point, Spread, Dynamic Positioning, and Semi Taut), Application, (Floating, Production, Storage & Offloading (FPSO), FLNG, TLP, SPAR Platforms). By region it has segmented into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Middle East & Africa. Asia Pacific is expected to hold the major share in the offshore mooring market due to increasing exploration activities in South China Sea.  Marketing Countries such as Vietnam, China and Australia are leading FPSO markets and the demand for offshore mooring system is expected to remain high. Countries such as India are taking steps to become gas-based economy and they are investing largely on FLNG and LNG projects.

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