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New Guidelines has measured : Singapore Tourism Market

Singapore MICE tourism market is projected to reach nearly US$ 3.6 Billion by the year end of 2025.

     The Singapore MICE tourism industry is thriving on the back of increasing advancements in technologies, that promotes effective communication via onsite social media networking, group announcements, creating appointments and convenient business contact exchange among others, along with the development of sharing business economy across nations.

      Countries involved in this tourism market are Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, India, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Canada and United States.

    In Oct 2020 Singapore International Energy Week conference marked a milestone in the country's tackling of the pandemic, with visitors getting tested for the virus on the spot before they were allowed into the trade show. This was made possible through the AfA's focus on safe and innovative visits or experiences. The group is working on other ideas in the Mice sector. They include designing safe business events and leisure itineraries.

     AfA plans to position Singapore as a hub for carbon-related services and nature-based solutions, and transform the country into a "Little Green Dot" where sustainability efforts will serve the domestic and overseas markets. One aim for the hub is to come up with a standard for companies to measure, mitigate and offset their carbon footprint.

    China and Indonesia will be the major countries for Singapore MICE market tourism by the year of 2021. After that India will be the third position in the market. Before past years Japan was the first position in the market but now it is predicted that China, India and Indonesia will be leading revenue generators by the year end of 2021. Other countries such as South Korea, United States and Thailand will also be the major revenue generators by the year end of 2021.

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