MRIdian Linac MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy- Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems Market

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems Market Size Is Expected to Reach USD 5 Billion at a CAGR of 3.9% By 2025

 Major Players in the Magnetic Resonance Imaging market includes GE Healthcare, Neusoft Medical Systems, Aurora Imaging Technology, Hitachi Medical Corporation, Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation, Siemens Healthcare, Esaote, IMRIS, Philips Healthcare, Fonar Corporation.

     ViewRay, Inc. announced that the company's MRIdian Linac MRI-guided radiation therapy system will be featured at the 2020 Annual Meeting  of the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO), being held virtually October 24 to 28, 2020. The meeting will feature presentations that showcase the MRIdian system, including how clinicians use this cutting-edge Stereotactic MRI-Guided Adaptive Radiation Therapy (SMART) technology to tackle both tough-to-treat and ubiquitous cancer, expand clinical experience with the device, and impact patient outcomes. With the clarity provided by MRIdian's real-time imaging and automatic beam gating, physicians are equipped to account for anatomical changes and motion caused by respiration or other bodily processes to person.

    A new multi-institutional study published in the journal Radiology identifies patterns in abnormal brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings in patients with COVID-19.

      October 23, 2020  Traumatic brain injury is a major cause of disability and can have major consequences for patients and their loved ones. Patients can suffer a range of physical, cognitive, behavioral and emotional problems.  Researchers hope that research on newer and more advanced MRI methods will benefit this patient group even better than today. However, progress to date has been limited by relatively small studies and has lacked standards for sharing and analysing this data across research centers. A major challenge in the research is to figure out which injury characteristics and which changes in the brain caused by the injury can predict how patients will recover and what follow-up they need. A big part of the challenge is that individual patients are so different.

      RSNA 2019 marked Neusoft Medical’s 20th year as an exhibitor Neusoft Medical keeps exploring new innovations to meet the radiology challenges today and tomorrow. New products introduced at RSNA 2019 take Neusoft Medical "Beyond Imaging". Organ specific “AI” algorithms identify the anatomy for precision scanning. With “AI”, exams are optimized based upon the specific patient’s anatomy. Combining “AI” technology with Iterative Reconstruction (“IR”) software and 60kV scans further reduces patient dose. The result is consistent clinical outcomes. The newly designed 16cm detector covers the entire heart, minimizing the need to move the table. Cardiac scanning with just one-beat, utilizing ultra-fast 0.259s rotation with a temporal resolution of 25ms.

     March 11, 2020 – Hitachi Medical Systems Europe (HMSE) announces the launch of the ARIETTA 750, the new model from the ARIETTA’s diagnostic ultrasound platform series. Sales activities in Europe are expected to start in April. ARIETTA 750 follows the concept of ARIETTA 850, the flagship model of the ARIETTA line, and supports state-of-the-art image processing technologies and applications. The ultrasound platform flexibly meets the demands in various clinical fields. Ultrasound is recognized as an indispensable diagnostic tool in today’s clinical practice allowing the visualization of internal organs in real-time and, with its non-invasive nature, provides a stress-free examination for the patient. With the number of elderly and lifestyle-related diseases increasing, ultrasound is used across a wide range of clinical disciplines, from screening, diagnosis and treatment to outpatient care, and follow-up.

      By type, the report on the magnetic resonance imaging systems market can be segmented into closed MRI, open MRI, MRI, wide-bore and MRI standard bore. By disease application, the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems market includes brain & neurological MRI, spine & musculoskeletal MRI, breast MRI, cardiovascular MRI, pelvic & abdominal MRI, and others. By application, the magnetic resonance imaging systems market includes research laboratories, hospitals & clinics, diagnostic imaging centers, and pharmaceutical & biotechnology companies. North America magnetic resonance imaging systems market was valued over USD 2 billion in 2020 and will grow significantly in the near future. Asia Pacific accounted for the largest share of the global MRI systems market. Growth in this market can be attributed to the rising geriatric population, increasing FDI (enabling local and foreign MRI manufacturers to invest in MRI development projects), improving healthcare infrastructure, increasing disposable incomes, and rising demand for high-field MRI equipment in several APAC countries.

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