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 Koehler's Manufactures are hardly Effort for Future Sustainable Packaging Solutions

The global Thermal Paper Market is expected to expand at 4.96% CAGR during the forecast period.  

Thermal paper is a type of specialty paper that is used for copying and digital printing. It is coated with a material which changes color on exposure to heat. These papers are used specifically in thermal printers and in lightweight, low cost devices including cash registers, credit card terminals, and adding machines.

The Thermal Paper Top major players in the industry, including Oji, Koehler, Appvion, Mitsubishi Paper, Ricoh, Hansol, Jujo Thermal Paper, ChenMing, Jianghe, Guanhao and Jiangsu Wampolet Paper. 

        Koehler's vision future: Development of innovative barrier paper through cooperation and Paper packaging as an ecological alternative to plastic. Koehler is making a contribution to countering this global challenge. To help accelerate the global movement towards sustainable and responsible packaging solutions, the company is working on the development of barrier paper with functional surfaces. The aim is to produce barriers for packaging that can currently only is provided by plastics or composites. At the same time, this packaging paper should be recyclable in the paper cycle in order to make use of an already existing and functioning circular flow: more than 75 percent of the paper waste generated in Germany is recycled. Oji Holdings 2020 Corporation plans to expand thermal paper output at its Brazilian subsidiary Oji Papeis Especiais Ltda. The company has earmarked JPY13bn to upgrade existing coating facilities and install a new coater at its mill in Piracicaba, according to Euwid.  This will increase total production capacity at the mill by 70,000 tpy to 150,000 tpy of paper. The upgrade is scheduled to be concluded in December 2021.The mill's portfolio comprises thermal and carbonless paper.

        Mitsubishi Paper Aug 2020 new supercote brochure is available. With everything you need to know about our cast coated specialty papers for high-class labels (such as wet-glue labels for non-returnable and returnable bottles, high-quality foods, wrap-around labels, labels for food and non-food, premium labels for wine, spirits, champagne and cosmetics, adhesive labels), wrappers for composite cans and shoulderboxes. The new brochure "Thermal Papers for Tickets" gives you an overview of our wide range of thermoscript thermal papers for these applications:

  • Admission tickets

  • Lottery and betting tickets

  • Transport and parking tickets

  • Tickets with security features

Further new brochure "Coated Inkjet Paper" can find out everything about high-quality coated jetscript inkjet papers for the following applications:

  • Photo

  • Signage & Posters

        The global thermal paper market has been segmented based on technology and application. On the basis of technology, the thermal paper market has been divided into direct thermal, thermal transfer, and others. On the basis of application, the global thermal paper market has been segmented into POS, lottery & gaming, labels & tags, and others. Further on the basis of region it has been segmented into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Middle East & Africa. Asia Pacific led by China, India and Japan thermal paper market share is expected to witness growth at over 12% CAGR from 2020 to 2025. Industrial sector in China has been ardent consumer of the printing receipts due to intensive paperwork required for governance and planning.

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