Healthcare Transportation Services Extended In 2020 - Covid-19 Outbreak

The global Market for Healthcare Transportation Services valued at $79.43 billion in 2020 is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of nearly 4.7% during the forecast period.

Major Players in the Healthcare transportation market are AMR, Xpress Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, Inc., ATS Healthcare, Watts Healthcare, MTM, LogistiCare and Molina Healthcare.

      Future Advance- New performance Advancements – with new standards in healthcare transportation, ambulances with have real-time GPS tracking. This ensures better adaptability of MT to supply and demand surges and quicker responses in patient care. Also, futuristic MT models will have larger, more flexible fleets of part-time drivers who can grow on peak demand hours and shrink when not needed.

      Transparency in the core of every MT transaction- All ambulances will have GPS technology, Data Analytic utilization detail, performance data and encounter details with 24/7 information accessibility. Thus both hospitals and insurance companies can have real-time tracking for transparency

       Uber Launches may 2020 new communication and digital pick-up features allow drivers and coordinators to stay in close contact and the rider pick-up to be simple and seamless. Patient pickups can be challenging, especially if a patient is located in a larger hospital campus, where all buildings may share the same street address. With designated pickup spots, healthcare providers can select specific pickup points at large hospitals and medical campuses, similar to the technology used on the rider app at airports and other large venues. Our new communication and digital pick-up features allow drivers and coordinators to stay in close contact and the rider pick-up to be simple and seamless.  Our new flexible scheduling and notification features were designed to support the diverse communities of healthcare systems, including those who may not speak English or who don’t have a cell phone, and to help ensure patients are prepared for their ride.

     Market Segmentation is based on by type consist of Non-emergency Medical Transportation, Emergency Medical Transportation and transportation Interpreters. By End User it includes Hospital, Nursing Care Facilities, Airport Shuttle, Ambulatory Surgery Center and Medical Laboratories. The global healthcare transportation services market has been segmented region wise into: North America, South America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and, the Middle East and Africa. The swiftest growing market is expected to be in Asia Pacific, on account of the surge in government spending on healthcare facilities. This is a pivotal factor driving the demand for advanced healthcare transportation services in the region.

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