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  Energy Efficiency Investment May Fall by Over 12% in 2020,

 Global Energy Efficiency Market estimated to reach by 2022 at USD 5 million, and it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.6% from 2022 to 2027 to reach USD 167 million by 2027.

Major Players in the Energy Efficient Market includes GE Electric, Legrand, Honeywell, Cree Inc., Acuity Brands, Koninklijke Philips N.V., Schneider Electric, Osram Group, Crompton Greaves, Zumtobel Group, Samsung Electronics, Trane, Itron, and Toshiba.

New Technologies-

     Membrane filtration is used to remove particles that are too fine for ordinary filtration techniques – such as proteins, bacteria, viruses and dissolved salts – from liquids. It can also be used for concentrating, fractionating, purifying and regenerating liquids, partially or totally replacing traditional methods of separation by evaporation and centrifugation.

     Nov 2020-Solar power has shown immense potential as a futuristic, 'clean' source of energy. No wonder environmentalists worldwide have been looking for ways to advance the current solar cell technology. Now, scientists have put forth an innovative design for the development of a high-power transparent solar cell. This innovation brings us closer to realizing our goal of a sustainable green future with off-the-grid living.

     Nov -2020 Swirl power: How gentle body movement will charge your mobile phone University of Bath, the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Researchers have found a way to produce nylon fibers that are smart enough to produce electricity from simple body movement, paving the way for smart clothes that will monitor our health through miniaturised sensors and charge our devices without any external power source

    Perovskite (third gen) based solar cell technologies have gained utmost attention owing to their low manufacturing costs along with higher operational output and efficiency limits when compared to first and second generation solar cells. 

    India’s energy demand is expected to double by 2030. Becoming more energy efficient is the cheapest and fastest way to reduce energy consumption as well as reduce carbon pollution. Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation aids the design and implementation of policies that lead to greater energy efficiency in three sectors: appliances, buildings and industry. India’s growing consumer appliance market is increasingly adding to the demand for energy. Buildings already account for more than 30 percent of India’s electricity use, and two-thirds of the buildings that will exist in India by 2030 are yet to be built. And the Industry sector accounts for 40% of the country’s total energy consumption. The energy efficiency potential across these sectors is enormous.

    Cree the global leader in silicon carbide technology, march 2020 announced the expansion of its product portfolio with the release of the Wolfspeed 650v silicon carbide MOSFET delivering a wider range of industrial applications and enabling the next generation of electric vehicles onboard charging, data centers, and other renewable systems with industry leading power efficiency. Cree is leading the global transition from silicon to silicon carbide

    Energy efficiency investment may fall by over 12% in 2020, mostly due to the 6% assumed decline in global economic growth, and then potentially in response to less available capital for efficiency projects and lower energy prices, especially for oil. 

     This report analyzes existing and emerging trends in the energy efficiency and energy conservation market, investigates next opportunities for optimal market growth, and examines factors that will drive the market ahead. The report also determines and provides market projections for the near future.

    Market segmentation by End Use includes (residential, commercial and Industrial). By product it has been Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Energy Efficient Devices, Consumer Electronics, Smart Electric Meters, Smart Lighting. By region it has been North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and row. In these regions Europe and North America held significant shares of the global market, owing to the high regulation pertaining to energy efficiency aiming sustainable development. Sustainable development in these two regions in terms of energy conservation is taken on top priority, which is propelling the demand for energy-efficient buildings. 

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