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Automotive Actuators Market, Analysis Of Market Overview

 The global Automotive Actuators Market is expected to register a CAGR of 8.98%, during the forecast period, 2019-2024.

     Actuators are used in seats, for adjusting lumbar support systems, seat positioning, angles, and for seat track actuators. Several types of automotive seat adjustment actuators are available in the market, such as geared motors for recliner adjustment, double output shaft for track drives, and linear actuators for height and tilt adjustments.

Major lead players in the market includes Micron Precision, APC international, CTS Corporation, Delphi Corporation, Robert Bosch, Valeo, Johnson Electric, Mitsubishi Electric, Hitachi and Hella.

      Polymer-based actuators play a key role in the area of smart materials and devices, and for this reason different polymer-based actuators have appeared in recent years and are implemented in a broad range of fields, including biomedical, optical or electronics, among others

    CTS Corporation June 2020 has recently expanded the piezoelectric product line to include miniature multilayer actuators which can operate in voltages as low as45v. The applications for this product include medical implants, micro-positioning and consumer electronics devices. CTS multilayer piezoelectric actuators are available in a wide range of dimensions and voltage ratings. Currently the smallest available standard product, NAC2001,is a 2mm X 2mm X 2mm  element with a voltage rating of 60V.  PLUS+1 – fast integration of electric actuators into heavy-duty machinery Adding a specially tailored compliance block from LINAK to the Danfoss PLUS+1 platform, allows engineers working with all sorts of heavy-duty machinery to include electric actuators when designing applications. The block is not only a smart feature – it saves manufacturers a lot of time during the design phase.

     The Automotive Actuators Market has been segmented on the basis of Application Type (Throttle Actuator, Seat Adjustment Actuator, Brake Actuator, Closure Actuator (Window, Door and Sunroof), and Other Application Types), Vehicle Type (Passenger Car and Commercial Vehicle), and geographically it splits into North America, Europe, Middle East & Africa. The market in the Asia-Pacific region is expected to grow at a faster pace, with India, Japan, and China stepping toward becoming automotive component manufacturing hubs and supplying to countries, such as the United States and Germany.

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