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Analysts Predict The Healthcare Robotics Market will Reach $30 billion by 2026.


The Medical Robots Market is projected to reach USD 17.79 billion by 2025 from an estimated USD 7.80 billion in 2020. 

 Major Players in the medical robotics market includes, Biotek Instruments Inc., Baxter International Inc., Health Robotics, Hansen Medical, Mako Surgical Corp, Siemens Healthcare, and more.

New Development in medical robotics-

            Aug 2020 The FDA recently granted clearance to TransEnterix Surgical Inc. to add vision-control technology to its Senhance robotic-assisted surgical system. The system uses a camera powered by artificial intelligence, which can move automatically, recognize objects and respond to commands. The capabilities now cleared will be focused on optimizing visualization and camera control in ways never before offered in robotic or digital surgery. Expansion of the market for telepresence medical robots, the pandemic has brought telemedicine to the forefront, with its convenience appealing to both patients and physicians. Telepresence robots are designed to make telemedicine mor e user-friendly and bridge the gap between virtual and in-person visits.

        More recently, it developed the EksoPulse platform, a cloud-based analytics solution that captures data from patients during therapy sessions, including the number of steps they take and how much assistance they need, and relays that information to the therapist. This helps physical therapists more easily measure patient progress and provide more targeted intervention. Boston Dynamics designed a medical robot named spot, which interviews suspected coronavirus patients and relays the information back to medical personnel. This helps protect doctors and nurses while allowing them to focus more on patient care. Artificial intelligence technology is also making these robots more effective by allowing them to analyze large quantities of data collected from coronavirus patients and recognize patterns.

     BioTek announces March 2020 that Agilent’s BenchCel Microplate Handler is now added to its portfolio of walkaway automated solutions. The modular BenchCel Microplate Handler is a high-speed robot with an open, flexible and scalable format to bring efficiency to diverse applications such as ELISA, endpoint add-and-read assays and cell fix-stain-image processes. By integrating the BenchCel between a BioTek liquid handling device and detection or imaging system, sample throughput is increased, while manual intervention is decreased. The BenchCel is powered by VWorks software, and incorporates an easy-to-use interface for dynamic scheduling of workflows. Additionally, user-friendly software interfaces may be created for a streamlined experience.

     Sept 2020- Health Robotics -PCB industry embraces Han’s Elfin cobot solution for loading and unloading. Elfin collaborative robots are known for safety, flexible deployment, and easy programming. Elfin cobot are designed to work alongside people! People don’t need to worry about if they are close to cobot as Elfin cobot will immediately stop when it encounters a collision, which will not inflict harm and cause the extra cost for safety fence like a traditional robot. Check out the video, you will find PCB industry worker work with Elfin cobots harmoniously. Elfin collaborative robots cooperate with gripper partners- SRT soft gripper to develop an easy solution to realize the automatic change of grippers in 3 seconds Collaborative robots are popular with SMEs now to handle their needs as collaborative robots are flexible deployment and easy programming especially handling their fast-changing production line. But it’s troublesome for manufactures to change the gripper automatically, which takes some time and also requires engineering knowledge to finish it.

Future Of Medical Robotics:

     From robotic-assisted surgical technology to applications that deliver medical goods by drone, the future is bright for medical robotics companies. However, there are still risks to consider. The FDA has approved robotic-assisted surgical devices for certain procedures, such as hysterectomies, but not others, including mastectomies or cancer treatment. In the future, this could be more difficult for Class III (high risk) medical devices. The sponsor may also need to provide additional data to demonstrate effectiveness.

     In February 2020, Intuitive Surgical Inc. acquired Orpheus Medical. This acquisition helped the company in enhancing its product portfolio, in offering information technology connectivity and archiving surgical video to hospitals around the world.

       On the basis of product, the medical robots market is segmented into instruments & accessories and robotic systems. On the basis of application, the medical robots market has been segmented into laparoscopy, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, pharmacy applications, and other applications. The regions covered in this Medical Robotics System Market report are North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World. The growing demand for the advance healthcare infrastructure system in APAC is expected to witness healthy growth during the forecast period. China contributes to a majority of market share in the region. Chinese demand for medical robots is mainly driven by the increasing adoption of instrument-based services.

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