The A2P SMS Market reached value of US$ 70.9 Bn in 2020 and expected to reach US$ 102 Bn by 2030.

Major Players In the market includes MBlox, CLX Communications, Infobip, Tanla Solutions, SAP Mobile Services, OpenMarket Inc., Genesys Telecommunications, 3Cinteractive, Vibes Media, Beepsend, Soprano, Accrete and FortyTwo Telecom AB.

Mar 2020 -The humble SMS is like a chameleon. It’s changed colors in recent years to fit its adapting environment and has reached a point where traffic for its application-to-person (A2P) type has skyrocketed. As global companies strive for deeper customer and employee engagement and roll out omnichannel offerings, A2P SMS has become the growth vehicle behind business messaging. In fact, even as other A2P messaging technologies join the fray, Juniper predicts that 90 per cent of A2P traffic will be attributable to SMS over the next five years. This is driven largely by the ubiquitous nature and high engagement rate that SMS offers.

June 2020- Infobip announced that it has attained a ‘Best’ rating in vendor performance for A2P SMS, achieving the top position in Tier 1 vendor performance for Rocco’s annual benchmarking report which surveys 353 mobile operators and 315 enterprises worldwide.  Marking the fourth year in a row that Infobip defends its position as number one provider of SMS for mobile operators, the company also maintained its lead as best provider for enterprises a second year running in a report that started in 2019.

Oct 2020-Genesys, the global leader in Cloud Customer Experience and Contract Customer Experiences announced that it successfully accelerated the digital transformation of state-owned Thai telecommunications and digital services provider, TOT Public Company Limited (TOT), by leveraging Genesys Cloud™ and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Genesys solutions allowed agents to operate at a much higher level of efficiency across a multitude of digital channels such as email, web chat, and social media in addition to traditional phone calls.

By Type it includes Traditional & Managed Messaging Services, Cloud API Messaging Platform. By Application it includes Pushed Content Services, Customer Relationship, Management Services, Promotional campaigns, Interactive Services and Inquiry Related Services. By Region it includes North America, Europe, ASPAC and Middle East & Africa. Among these North America is prominent region in A2P SMS market and it will contribute the market in forecast period. Due to the highest revenue and large technological advancement market has grown. Asia-Pacific (APAC) with significant growth in the construction sector will pave the path for increasing adoption of A2P services and propel the market. Asia Pacific remains a prominent market for A2P SMS globally, and the market in the region was valued at US$ 26.3 Bn by the end of 2019.



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